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  1. mjtumlison's Avatar
    I had to restore and rejailbreak my phone so that means I have 3.0.1 now. My Bite SMS and just regular SMS work fine till my phone locks. After that the preview text says "Text from Unknown" and when you slide to view my phone goes into Safe Mode. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a way to fix this?

    Last edited by mjtumlison; 08-28-2009 at 09:28 PM.
    08-28-2009 09:26 PM
  2. Watcher's Avatar
    Sounds like you got hit with a virus.
    08-29-2009 03:56 AM
  3. voyager's Avatar
    thats never good, doesnt jailbreaking it make it easier to get viruses??
    08-29-2009 04:27 PM
  4. Ipheuria's Avatar
    virus on the Iphone? I never heard of any yet. Hmmmm what I would suggest is to do an update or restore to wipe the JB and restore default settings on the phone. Then check to see if you have the same problem, once you determine the phone is fine then JB and restore from a backup and see if it starts happening again.
    08-29-2009 10:51 PM