1. mpeezy65's Avatar
    I was trying to install the new Facebook app this afternoon and I think I bricked my iPhone. I turned it off and tried to turn it back on. Even after trying the hard reset, all I see is the iPhone boot screen for about a minute, and then the phone shuts off again. Plugging the iPhone into my MacBook Pro does the same thing--Boot screen for a minute, then shut off.

    I took it to the ATT store, they did the same things I've done and told me to go to the Apple store. The Apple store is too busy to deal with me.

    08-27-2009 06:40 PM
  2. mpeezy65's Avatar
    Nevermind... Apple support helped me out of my crisis. And all I had to do was listen to their crappy hold music for 15 mins
    08-27-2009 07:23 PM
  3. GMJeff's Avatar
    If you don't mind, maybe post what you found out, so in case someone else has the same issue, they can possibly fix their phone themselves, or at least try.
    08-28-2009 02:14 AM
  4. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I second that ^^^ hopefully the OP comes back and it wasn't a one shot thing to fix the issue kinda deal.
    08-28-2009 01:41 PM