1. Hakala's Avatar
    As everyone know you can easily double tap the shift key on the iPhone to access the Caps lock mode which is a pretty nice feature and takes up less room. But when you enter the numerical/symbol/puncuation keybords, whether you be in the numerical keyboard or the more mathematical foreign currency keyboard, you can double tap the key to switch between these two keybords (not back to the alphabetical keyboard) and it turns blue just like caps lock. What in the world does this do? I'm sure it's obvious what it does to many out there. But not myself.
    08-26-2009 02:56 AM
  2. Hakala's Avatar
    To be more clear and consice, my question revolves around what double tapping the "#+=" key, once entering the numerical keyboard, does.
    08-26-2009 02:59 AM
  3. lionheartednyhc's Avatar
    Weird, never knew that.
    08-26-2009 03:02 AM
  4. rsandlas's Avatar
    Lol I dint even know about the double tapping of caps button THATS AWESOMEKNOW I FIANNLY DONT HAVE TO PRESS THE UPPERCASE BUTTON FOR EVERY SINGLE LETTER lol
    08-26-2009 03:03 AM
  5. chobbs1's Avatar
    it doest look to anything! Probably a glitch.
    08-26-2009 07:45 AM
  6. Hakala's Avatar
    I also noticed that it doesn't matter whether or not you be on the numerical keyboard or the mathematical keyboard when double tapping this key. It automatically turns brings u back to the mathematical page.
    08-26-2009 11:41 AM
  7. Mr.small's Avatar
    Weird glitch you would of thought they would of noticed it... Its all just really clean...
    08-26-2009 03:46 PM
  8. Jellotime91's Avatar
    wow.. it doesn't do anything.. HOW Did you notice that!?! I have just been mindphvcked.. Wow... O_O
    08-26-2009 07:55 PM
  9. Hakala's Avatar
    Hm..I contacted apple iPhone support and was told it could possibly be a glitch in the 3G model(as that's what I have) because when she tried it on her 3GS(ahem-show off!-ahem) she couldn't get it to work.
    08-28-2009 09:42 AM
  10. chobbs1's Avatar
    It worked on my 3gs.
    08-28-2009 08:14 PM
  11. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    Hmm. Weird. Seems like a bug. I was able to reproduce it on my 3GS.
    08-28-2009 09:17 PM
  12. Jellotime91's Avatar
    it works on my 3GS.

    EDIT: Ahem *works* LOL
    08-29-2009 12:14 PM