1. jennifer_im's Avatar
    My iPhone is i-fly. My iPod has no name.
    11-17-2009 10:16 PM
  2. IGoSlo's Avatar
    I actually named mine iJesus cause everyone should worship it
    You REALLY think people should "WORSHIP" an iPhone ?? Have you ever opened a Bible ?
    11-18-2009 11:59 AM
  3. BLiNK's Avatar
    ^the bible is overrated.
    11-22-2009 07:21 AM
  4. Lacessit's Avatar
    I've named my cars and motorcycle, but not electronics. Just went with "iPhone". I see personality in vehicles, but not in gadgets (although this IS a very cool gadget).
    11-22-2009 08:14 AM
  5. C Nugget's Avatar
    ^the bible is overrated.

    I named mine "____'s iLife". Did the same thing to my little sister and stepbrother's.
    11-22-2009 08:04 PM
  6. E Pow's Avatar
    I named mine Epow's. It's kinda like a mini me of me. I gave it my name, so it's like my son (Jr., 2nd generation of me).
    11-22-2009 08:47 PM
  7. MsVitch's Avatar
    *****. not sure why. but it seemed to fit. she loves being touched.
    11-23-2009 12:47 AM
  8. snakes2003g's Avatar
    i named miune Rob's iPhone not too creative. but if i ever have to restore my phone i will probably name it something. not sure what but i will probably name it something.
    11-23-2009 02:30 PM
  9. IGoSlo's Avatar
    ^the bible is overrated.
    It's too bad you thing and feel that... Have you aver picked one up and explored it ?

    As for iPhone names... I've renamed mine "iMFREED"
    12-05-2009 07:38 AM
  10. Allyson Kazmucha's Avatar
    Don't know if I listed mine or not. Mine is Jeeves.

    My iMac's name is Nigel, and my MacBook's name is Sir Harrison. LMAO

    My gf named her iPhone dirk.
    12-06-2009 09:09 PM
  11. techshoe#WN's Avatar
    Mine is named iPod touch. Really unique I know.
    12-07-2009 08:49 PM
  12. astalavistadear's Avatar
    miPhone was the name
    12-08-2009 06:23 AM
  13. vanityeverlastingbonet's Avatar
    I just finally named my new 3gs to "BOREDOM"
    12-09-2009 04:15 PM
  14. Duvi's Avatar
    My Phone !
    12-10-2009 07:12 AM
  15. BuddhistGirafe's Avatar
    I am all about simplicity and organization. Due to that fact I name all my disks and devices simple names. My iPhone is simply called "Brenden's iPhone" and my external drives all have names associated with their purpose. I am a bit of a neat freak but I like it, makes stuff easy to find.
    02-23-2010 01:05 AM
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