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  1. Rock48nj's Avatar
    I have had my 3GS for three weeks and just noticed a pretty significant scratch on the glass and some other minor ones. I bought the 3Gs as a replacement for my 3G and at the time purchased the air jacket case with the crystal/anti glare screen protectors. I did not have the to put on one of the screen protectors on right away since it takes a bit of time but was not worried based on my experience with the 3G.

    Has anyone else noticed that the 3Gs glass scratches? Is there anyway I have luck at the apple store? I bought this full freight so its quite an investment. I take pretty good care of the phone and definitely don't put it in close contact with keys coins etc. I certainly beat up my 3G a bit more and early on had no screen protector and had no issue with scratches.

    edited to add - I did put on the crystal film about a week ago, or 2 weeks into owning the new phone, took it off today after noticing what I thought was the scratch. Not sure how i did not see it when I was putting on the film.
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    Please see the following thread:
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