1. Gary86's Avatar
    Well some people have not been getting my txts...my Fiance has a BB Storm and she hasn't got some and random other people. Any thoughts. My phone is JB BTW
    08-13-2009 02:48 PM
  2. 69vinman's Avatar
    were the texts important (to you) in nature? (i.e. asking a friend for a ride, or asking a friend to do a favor they dont really want to do)? I find that sometimes people dont return texts and then when questioned...they reply they "didn't get them". The crappy part is when they team up and more than one person says they didn't get them. Is that a possibility?
    Depending on your texting plan (if you can freely text) I'd text the person when they're standing next to you. See if they got it then!

    Be well
    08-13-2009 04:16 PM
  3. Gary86's Avatar
    Well it was my mother and fiance talking about Honeymoon plans for Jamaica so I doubt it's option A. I have unlimted txting. Guess I will just call AT&T
    08-13-2009 05:25 PM
  4. Ipheuria's Avatar
    You should still try to text them when they are standing right beside you ad see if it goes through or not. Does the text show as being sent on your phone? The problem may not be on your end?
    08-13-2009 10:49 PM
  5. Earless Puppy's Avatar
    check your phone bill to see if the texts show up, AT&T lists all texts messages you made... ( not the actualy text) but the number and time you made it on your bill and on their website...
    08-13-2009 11:07 PM
  6. refil's Avatar
    might be some problem with service provider
    08-21-2009 07:13 AM
  7. rkbrown81's Avatar
    This TiPb post talks about push notifications being sent to the wrong people. Maybe texts work in a similar fashion, therefore are susceptible to similar issues?
    08-21-2009 10:08 AM
  8. Exergy's Avatar
    I find occasional problems when sending some texts over carriers...
    08-21-2009 09:07 PM
  9. GMJeff's Avatar
    I have two friends that are having the same problem. Texts are sent, but are not received for some reason.

    One is on Verizon, the other is on AT&T. I guess that would more than likely make it a network issue. Wonder if it may have something to do with the towers or servers, too.
    08-21-2009 09:11 PM
  10. BENGRIMM's Avatar
    I have come across this before , it usually happens the most with Verizon & Sprint . Have you tried a restart or tried a restore and then see if the SMS come through then ?
    08-21-2009 09:53 PM