View Poll Results: Why do you use cellular network?

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  • I NEED it for critical work or personal communication

    27 69.23%
  • I don't really need it but I pay for it so "Just because I can"

    11 28.21%
  • I don't need it, and don't use it

    1 2.56%
  1. whmurray's Avatar
    I freakin love being able to access the Internet just about anytime I desire but don't get me wrong the $360 a year I'm required to pay is ridiculous. As soon as my contract is up I'm officially a free agent. Who knows maybe Att will come to their senses by then?
    Not as long as exclusive contracts protect them from competition. I do not like the idea of jailbreaking but I am paying an extra $720 a year for the privilege of adhering to AT&T's contract. I am happy with the result but I have to pay for and carry the MiFi while with WiFy, the iPhone becomes the router.

    One commentator noted this week that AT&T should be using what is only a temporary advantage to turn iPhone users into loyal customers. Instead they are ensuring that once liberated they will leave and never return.
    08-15-2009 12:23 PM
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