1. iJames's Avatar
    I deleted a bunch of apps but the space used for apps does not change.

    When I go into the 'applications' folder in the 'library' and right click on an app and say view in windows explorer I can see that I have 244MB of apps, but the capacity bar on the summary page still says I have 1.84GB of space used for apps.

    Now that I look at it I see,

    audio, 4.35GB
    apps, 1.84GB
    free, 2.20GB
    and 2.2MB of photos.

    Just the audio, apps, and free add up to 8.39GB which is more than the phone has available. Almost 1.3 gig more than the 7.08 capacity.

    So does the phone just not recognize that space has been freed up? It seems like the 2.2GB of free space and the 4.35GB of music is correct.
    08-06-2009 05:34 PM
  2. flyingember's Avatar
    that amount also includes data used by and for apps. Some download content from the web, others you enter it.

    How big were the apps you deleted?
    08-07-2009 06:58 AM
  3. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...also, after deleting said items, if you power cycle the device does the memory values still read the same?
    08-07-2009 07:14 AM