1. aprwx's Avatar
    There's a new free weather notification service called CellWarn that sends watches, warnings, advisories and even forecasts to your cell phone or email.

    Its nothing revolutionary, you can get this type of stuff free a lot of places, but this service sends warnings by polygon where most others will send you a warning if any part of your county is in a warning.

    The National Weather Service issues warnings by polygon, which is the small area around the storm and in its path, which often includes just small portions of counties. So this service will make sure that you're within the real warning area before sending you a warning.

    You can sign up for free at their web site.
    08-06-2009 05:20 AM
  2. ctt1wbw's Avatar
    I just use google text to get this stuff. It's free, too and it's very fast.
    08-06-2009 06:07 AM
  3. aprwx's Avatar
    That's fine if you're looking up stuff, but CellWarn is a 'push' service. You set up your location and the type of warnings (like a tornado warning or winter storm warning) for your zip code, and then if something is issued, it's sent to you immediately.

    With Google SMS you have to manually send a request... and you don't know when something's coming until its already there.

    Thats why I like this... if I'm sleeping, it will send me a text that something's coming.

    But the Google thing is a sweet thing to have too... thanks for pointing that one out too.
    08-06-2009 06:18 AM
  4. chobbs1's Avatar
    This is probablyost useful if you live in a tornado zone or huuricane prone area.
    08-06-2009 07:40 AM