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  1. igorsky's Avatar
    What up, peeps. I've had my iPhone for a couple of days now and today I'm experiencing a weird problem. When the phone comes out of lock, I get this ominous error message (complete with yellow warning sign) "charging is not compatible with this accessory". I've also got a few other pop-up messages with "accessory" mesasages. Thing is, I don't have any accessories connected to the phone.

    Anyone have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated by this iPhone noob
    08-05-2009 08:11 PM
  2. Earless Puppy's Avatar
    take a deep breath and try blowing into the iPhones dock port, dust could be shorting it out to think something is connected
    08-05-2009 09:07 PM
  3. GMJeff's Avatar
    Some others on this forum have had the same issue, but not too many.

    I believe some of them resolved the issue by restoring the iPhone, as new, not from a backup.

    Is the phone jailbroken? Could be a factor caused by a piece of software installed.
    08-05-2009 11:18 PM
  4. Earless Puppy's Avatar
    This problem did happen to me when I had my 2G, Apple had to fix that one. I had a Lanyard plugged into the dock port and it caused this problem. But still try blowing into it first
    08-06-2009 01:15 AM
  5. djbbox's Avatar
    jevangil i agree do a restore as a new device and test again i hope if you jailbroke it you didnt end up with some dirty keys if thats the case you`ll have to restore and jailbreak it again using another method
    08-06-2009 02:10 AM
  6. igorsky's Avatar
    Good news....after charging the phone overnight everything seems to be kosher. But I did blow into the port just in case.

    Incidentally it's not a jailbroken phone. I wouldn't even know how to jailbreak
    Last edited by igorsky; 08-06-2009 at 08:08 AM.
    08-06-2009 08:04 AM