1. jglowe74's Avatar
    i am getting a return message stating:

    "XXXXXXX Error invalid number. please re-send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code." where "XXXXXXX" is her 7 digit phone number.

    i have been able to get a text through to my wife before (who's on Verizon) with my iPhone. and i have her contact entry setup as a 10 digit mobile phone number. i've texted other friends on AT&T, Sprint & Verizon. as well as others within my area code. so does anyone know why i can't get messages to go through to her?? i'm even on the 3G network when attempting this. or better yet, WiFi.

    i had her send me a message just before i posted this, and she can send to my phone no problem. i'm a bit perplexed why her messages i send her are bouncing back to me stating her number is invalid. and what's a "short code"?
    08-05-2009 04:02 PM
  2. chrstphr.ross's Avatar
    I had this problem once before. My friend Terry's number somehow was saved as a 7 digit number. I had to erase our conversation entirely from my phone, then reset him as a contact, and it seemed to fix itself from there.
    08-05-2009 04:05 PM
  3. big9erfan's Avatar
    I had this when I first got my iPhone as well. I had to clear all the messages, and resend it with area code and everything. After that I've not seen the problem again.
    08-05-2009 04:31 PM
  4. jglowe74's Avatar
    Wow. Deleted conversation then deleted her contact info. Manually typed her phone # (10 digit) and bingo! She got my text. Weird. Thanks to you both!
    08-05-2009 04:52 PM
  5. big9erfan's Avatar
    Glad to help
    08-05-2009 05:24 PM
  6. chobbs1's Avatar
    Nice work! Glad to know this little gem of a fix.
    08-05-2009 11:41 PM