1. Spoonut's Avatar
    I have a kenwood touchscreen deck in my car. It allows me to play my iphone through bluetooth, however when I do this through bluetooth there is a distinct feedback noise. It doesn't sound good at all and there is like a little buzz in the background. I was wondering if anyone could help out with this or has any ideas. If I directly connect to the deck I do not receive any noise or disruption in the music quality.
    08-03-2009 06:17 PM
  2. Spoonut's Avatar
    guess not too many people have this issue.
    08-05-2009 02:43 PM
  3. Earless Puppy's Avatar
    I have a parrot kit and it works like a charm, although I personally don't like Parrots software, it is clunky by design.
    08-05-2009 09:20 PM