1. Billpv's Avatar
    Anyone know of apps or suggestions that are work arounds for issues like:

    1. Using iPhone for meeting invites and emailing invites to others? Also receiving calendar invites and responding with iPhone?

    2. Importing and sorting contact databases? I have a phone list of numbers and limited information that ATT moved over the the iPhone but also want to bring in a business database from Microsoft (about 1000 entries), and a personal database of some several hundreds (also Microsoft originated). Need to separate existing entries into different groups. iPhone shows that apps can group "new" contacts but not existing contacts. Having all of these in one place is unmanageable.

    3. Bluetooth issues. I use Jawbone. When pairing, it does not ask for passcode, so calling is fine, but receiving calls sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work.

    Thoughts? Thanks.
    08-03-2009 04:43 PM