1. IamGov#IM's Avatar
    I took my wife's phone in for replacement because the earpiece and radio are acting unstable. After determining the phone needed replacement the Mac tech told me that the phone had water damage. Aparently by 16 month old likes to slobber on her phone! Is tgere anything I can do to replace the water sensor and plug area and then take it back in?
    07-31-2009 08:47 PM
  2. lionheartednyhc's Avatar
    Nope. Because then you would have opened it and voided the warranty again.

    Make the infant work and pay it off.
    07-31-2009 09:18 PM
  3. IamGov#IM's Avatar
    Anyone know what I might be able to sell this for? Should I suck it up and pay 199 or try and get ATT to allow me an early up garde to 3gs?
    07-31-2009 09:26 PM