1. smchrist2's Avatar
    It'd be kinda cool to have a choice for the graphics if they came out with new ones for os 4.0. Like xp's looks to vista's looks. And have the option to change which UI (either at startup like boot camp on the mac picking between windows and mac OR have it in the settings) cause some people OF COURSE would like the old looks better and complain. It'd also be cool if they had one designed for and only for an HD iPhone next June and pick between that and the current looks.
    07-28-2009 03:42 PM
  2. flyingember's Avatar
    I doubt they will. they barely let you set the sound controls. Remember, control is not part of Apple's design. The interface is part of the look of the phone as well.

    It can't change much anyways as it would break so many third party apps.
    07-28-2009 04:10 PM