1. dndkpj's Avatar
    I am new to iphone- three weeks now. Thank you for the help on my previous question.

    I would like to get rid of the message after the greeting on my voice mail. The message in the woman's voice that says something like "leave a message after the beep or press five to leave a callback number..."

    A couple friends who have had the iphone for over a year have their voice mail set up to just go straight to the beep after their greeting. But, neither of them remembers how they did it. The folks at my AT&T store didn't have a clue. I am hoping one of you experts will know.

    Thanks so much!
    07-23-2009 11:02 PM
  2. cobra302's Avatar
    you should be able to just open the phone app, then on the top left of the screen press the greeting button and set your own greeting. i think thats how i did it.
    07-24-2009 12:27 AM
  3. dndkpj's Avatar
    I have my greeting set- it is what happens after the greeting that I want to change. After my greeting the woman rambles with an option to leave a message or press 5 to leave a callback number and something else. I want it to just go "beep" at the end of my recorded greeting. Thanks.
    07-24-2009 12:21 PM
  4. cobra302's Avatar
    ah ha! i'm not sure on that one.
    07-24-2009 01:02 PM
  5. matthew23's Avatar
    i know! I want to do this too...I think you have to actually call in to your voicemail and do it from AT&T's side. I briefly tried but didn't find a prompt to change that option.
    07-24-2009 01:05 PM