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  1. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I've had my 3G for awhile and I love it, it's Jailbroken on 3.0 everything works just the way I want it to and perfectly in sync with me. The phone back is beat up I've dropped it a couple of times so the back has hairline fractures and one corner has a small chunk out of it LOL However it never bothered me before because it's in my case and the screen is perfect and it's cranking full power. Well I noticed a couple of weeks ago that I'm starting to get dust in my screen, now that I can't deal with. I checked today and the phone is still under waranty so I should be able to just go to an Apple store and either get it fixed, highly unlikely, or replaced. The thing is that means I will have to Jailbreak it, reload all my Jailbreak apps, customize it just the way I like it all over again LOL What do you guys think?
    07-23-2009 03:13 PM
  2. futurecode's Avatar
    A perfect cosmetic and internal phone is, to me, worth the time of re-jail breaking. I have re-jailbroken my 3g and 3gs multiple times for various reasons, and once to take it into the apple store (remember to restore her before taking her in ), so I never had an issue with getting her back to the way she was. To be safe, Just go into cydia and copy (on paper) all your sources and packages so you know what you had, sync your phone contacts and music with itunes. A sync with your new phone, jailbreak, cydia installs, and a few other things shouldn't take you too long to do. well worth the return. The only risk I can see is if 3.1 is close to release, you might get it pre-installed on you phone, which would leave you up a creek potentially with jauilbreaking.
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    07-23-2009 03:33 PM
  3. Ipheuria's Avatar
    true, true, true besides once 3.1 comes out I'm gonna have to go through the whole process again anyway. I guess I've grown attached to it LOL, yeah I think I'll take it in on Monday, I'm anal when it comes to the screen so I don't think I can live with the dust at all.
    07-23-2009 03:36 PM
  4. jamesus's Avatar
    I'd definitely take it back.

    Plus, isn't have of the fun of jailbreaking is tweaking it to your liking?
    07-24-2009 05:07 PM
  5. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Thought I would update the thread, like the boy scouts say "Always be prepared for anything" Well yesterday I took in my Macbook Pro and my Iphone. I wasn't intending to have the phone replaced I wanted to find out if they would replace the screen or replace the phone. Then I intended to take the phone in the next day, if they would just replace the screen I would only need to remove my Jailbreak but if they would replace the phone I would backup and wipe the phone. Well the genius I saw was ready to replace the phone until she saw my Jailbreak apps LOL, she told me to restore the phone and bring it in today. Welllll I restored it to factory settings and take it in, but got a new genius. It seems the person I bought the phone from, touted as "Brand New" which I believed because it was in the box and everything looked sparkling, forgot to tell me the phone had a mishap with liquid. So the genius used the little light and told me there was evidence of water damage in the earphone jack so they couldn't replace the phone They did replace the screen however since the phone is still under warranty and the dust was a defect. So now I have to restore and Jailbreak all over again LOL So be prepared people
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    07-28-2009 12:29 PM