1. BuesinessTime's Avatar
    I've had an iPhone since the second week they came out and at first I thought "man this device could use another button or two" but now I think about it and I wouldn't want anything else on it. I don't miss my buttons at all.
    07-23-2009 07:30 PM
  2. Syncopations's Avatar
    A single button is fine. The shutter button can easily be solved via software upgrade. When the camera app is running, the Sleep/Wake or up volume button can easily be set to be a second shutter button. Now that I think about it, I'm suprised that hasn't happened.
    07-23-2009 08:59 PM
  3. h4rk's Avatar
    After about 30 seconds of pondering, the only thing I would want another button for would be to snap a photo because it's incredibly difficult to take a picture of yourself. I wouldn't want one that would launch an application because the icon dock allows you to have your favorite four apps with you anyway. I don't think it needs more buttons.
    07-23-2009 09:47 PM
  4. Jellotime91's Avatar
    I made this mockup based on what people want and trying to keep it simple..
    Personally it's not for me. It looks like the way Samsung and LG would make an iPhone lmao..

    I just like how extra buttons (heat-sensitive in this case) open the possibilites of the OS.

    As you can see in the attached render, the button being touched opens the mobile expose screen, which is something I'd REALLY like to see.

    07-23-2009 10:35 PM
  5. Tramain's Avatar
    I made this mockup based on what people want and trying to keep it simple..
    Personally it's not for me. It looks like the way Samsung and LG would make an iPhone lmao..

    I just like how extra buttons (heat-sensitive in this case) open the possibilites of the OS.

    As you can see in the attached render, the button being touched opens the mobile expose screen, which is something I'd REALLY like to see.

    Thats all the smart phones put together into one.
    07-23-2009 11:17 PM
  6. Hakala's Avatar
    If everybody here who wants the the volume up or down key to be a quick shutter button were to call apple on the same day or two days something would definitley happen software wise. It's something that could definitley happen and possibly go into another 3.1beta or even 3.2/3.1.1 whatever. If u want it call apple and suggest it. If they get enough calls about the particular subject they will maybe start testing the idea.
    07-24-2009 01:48 PM
  7. seghis's Avatar
    What about an extra soft "home" button on the touch screen? I'm afraid the hardware one will stop working and we have no alternatives.
    07-27-2009 05:24 AM
  8. pokpitch's Avatar
    No need anymore.
    07-28-2009 03:32 AM
  9. SHEDGES's Avatar
    I think having a "MENU" or "BACK" button would be very functional. If you access a hyperlink in an email, it launches the internet. After you're done with the article you have to exit Safari and go back into your email instead of having a "BACK" function. Great phone but there are some things that could enhance the functionality.
    07-29-2009 05:48 PM
  10. alokeprasad's Avatar
    I would like more buttons or a way to set the side buttons to do something else that I could pick.

    I think that a clear way to get to the settings screen (or menu) of all active apps would be nice. I have to hunt for the settings buttons.. some apps have an "i" in some corner, some apps have their settings squirreled away in the Settings application... Nothing consistent.

    This may be a withdrawal symptom from my ancient Treo, which had a menu button. But I don't like installing an app, and then hunting for the way to set its various settings and options.
    07-29-2009 06:06 PM
  11. killingwthasmile's Avatar
    Agree with the earlier postings about getting a side button as a camera shutter button
    08-02-2009 02:05 PM
  12. Scott R's Avatar
    I agree with the OP that the iPhone should have had an app-specific menu button. With the current design, you have app preferences often set via the "Settings" icon from the home screen which, IMHO, is just plain stupid. Too often these settings are things that need to be changed more frequently and should reside within the app.

    There are also app-specific options which need to be selected regularly. Is having part of the screen dedicated to this "menu bar" the greatest use of space? If we had a menu button, this could be hidden most of the time.

    Having said that, I wouldn't hold my breath for them to change the design on an upcoming iPhone (their Macs and MacBooks still only have a single mouse button), and I personally would not *want* them to change it now, because it would break backward compatibility. But here's what I think they could/should do via an OS update:

    1) Have the action of swiping *up* from the bottom of the device cause an app-specific menu to be dragged up.

    2) Have the action of swiping *down* from the top of the device cause a notifications screen be dragged up.

    3) Possibly have a swipe left/right inside of Safari cause a previous/next page action.

    4) Have the press of the one (Home) button cause the home screen to launch *on top* of the current app (semi-translucent), and have the last four recently used apps displayed in the bottom bar, allowing to act as a quasi-task-switcher.
    08-03-2009 08:19 PM
  13. djbbox's Avatar
    no i don`t think so, its the iphone not the iberry having 300 buttons and different icons for different settings to change settings for the settings of the setting of the 100 options its not my idea of a good desing or what they call blackberry
    08-04-2009 03:43 AM
  14. Razelus's Avatar
    I partial to one button as well. Simple is the way i like it.
    08-25-2009 05:32 PM
  15. sandos's Avatar
    One button makes it just that much less likely that you'll have some sort of hardware failure. At the same time, perhaps some sort of functionality up to say 5 clicks might be interesting... I dunno.
    08-25-2009 05:52 PM
  16. whmurray's Avatar
    When the Frog Price was four, he thought that ctl-alt-del was one word. That it was the name of the three keys did not, probably could not, occur to him. He thought that it was the generic name for "system reset." He wanted to do it to any machine that did not behave as he expected. He wanted to do it to the toaster, VCR, and the set-top box.

    It was his favorite control because it was so predictable. It always returned the system to a known state. "Press ctl-alt-del," I can still hear him say when the car would not start.

    I abhor WM and love the iPhone. In between, I think that I tend to like the simplest control set the best A keyboard might be nice but having to know how to use it is not. Occasionally I might like to have a keyboard for my iPhone but I love the fact that most of the time I do not need one.

    Apple has a choice when it implements the iPad. It can use the Mac interface or the Touch interface. I favor the latter. The beauty of the Touch interface is that the purpose-built applications, are not only very efficient, but they conceal the complexity of the underlying system. Of course, it takes tens of thousands of them, but as long as we have them, that is okay.

    When I started with IBM Research, fifty-three years ago, only an elite few could even use a computer, much less get any value out of one. Indeed, for the most part, it took a team. Today an iPhone contains as much computing power as the most powerful computer of that day. Most of the improvement in performance over that half century has gone into improving usability and increasing the size of the user population. Today toddlers can "use" the Touch as early as they can walk and talk. We will not let our toddlers play with our BB or Pre, in part, because they are too complicated.

    I am sympathetic to your preference for another button; I preferred punched cards to terminals and command line to GUI. It has taken me half a century to fully appreciate that the value of computers goes up as the special knowledge required to use them goes down. The beauty of the iPhone is that it is so simple that even those who cannot read and write can use it (for example, to learn to read and write.)

    All this is by way of saying that the future is no button at all, not two.
    09-05-2009 09:19 AM
  17. ignmdq's Avatar
    I'm agree. I like the simplicity of one button.
    09-06-2009 11:09 PM
  18. thatirishguy's Avatar
    I like the simplicity of the one button.
    09-07-2009 06:44 PM
  19. Bella's Avatar
    One button preferred here also. Simplicity is the key!
    09-27-2009 09:36 PM
  20. mikhail#IM's Avatar
    One button is enough for me..
    09-28-2009 10:17 AM
  21. pieroxy's Avatar
    I vote for the "One button to rule them all".
    09-28-2009 03:02 PM
  22. Greg Orlando's Avatar
    iphone buttons are made for all things that already you need. Everything is just perfect. I do not think there should be any more extra buttons that will help.
    09-29-2009 05:24 AM
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