1. Tramain's Avatar
    Was on Twitter and found this video iPhone Taped To an RC Plane? Sure Why Not… | My Philly Network poor iPhone 3GS.
    07-16-2009 08:18 AM
  2. JustinHorn's Avatar
    Haha, I just posted this on my blog after getting your tweet

    Nice find!
    07-16-2009 08:43 AM
  3. Tramain's Avatar
    Every once and a while I will search iPhone on Twitter and see what I find.
    07-16-2009 08:46 AM
  4. Brickman's Avatar
    I hope he at least had a screen protector on it!!
    07-16-2009 08:49 AM
  5. Jeremy's Avatar
    Pretty cool, but it made me dizzy just trying to watch that.
    07-16-2009 02:06 PM
  6. Jason McConnell's Avatar
    OMG that's nuts... hilarious, but crazy lol
    07-16-2009 03:34 PM
  7. chobbs1's Avatar
    that was awesome!
    07-16-2009 10:16 PM
  8. cobra302's Avatar
    that was cool. was he just flipping the plane over and over? i couldnt tell which way it was attached.
    07-16-2009 10:28 PM
  9. BradM73's Avatar
    I would be cool if he could attach a mirror or something over the lense in order to get a better forward view, but still pretty cool. Not sure I'd risk my 3GS doing that, but it's all in good fun!
    07-16-2009 10:31 PM