1. johnc8407#IM's Avatar
    I had to take my iPhone in to Best Buy since it was messing up and they swaped it out for another new one. After I got home and started messing with it, I noticed the screen wasnt as bright as my previous one. I got my wife's iPhone and hers was much brighter. I took it back to best buy and they started to tell me they have to companies that make the screens. Had to fight with them to swap it out again and the new one they gave me is the same way. Anyone else experiencing this? They showed me this article, but when I use the code to check my screen version, I dont have the Versions option. Below is the link to the article. Since I cant post links yet I had to space it out.

    http: // blogs. zdnet. com/Apple/?p=711
    07-15-2009 10:53 AM
  2. sting7k's Avatar
    Best Buy replaced your iPhone? I assumed only Apple directly would do that. If your not happy with the screen call Apple or to go a store.

    In any case Apple probably has several suppliers for LCD panels and not only that but no 2 will be 100% the same even from the same supplier.
    07-15-2009 11:07 AM
  3. johnc8407#IM's Avatar
    Yep, they replaced it. Just have to argue with them. I would go to an apple store but there isnt one in my state. The original phones I baught had the exact same screen.
    07-15-2009 11:09 AM