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    I'm planning to do a restore just to clear out the computer. I like to do it every 8-12 months when i get the time.

    So I have the phone synced to this computer, how do i go about doing this w/o losing my syncing capabilities? Is this even possible??

    Thanks for any help. This place has housed a lot of great info for me.

    Also one more question. My phone is JB. So lets say that i backed up today with the JB in iTunes. And Apple releases 3.1 tomorrow. If I restore my phone and install 3.1 can I use the backup that i made the day prior under the JB in order to keep my music, data, etc.

    Or is it not possible to restore backup data that was backed up while your phone was JB on an iPhone with an official Apple firmware upgrade??

    Just wondering. Thanks all.
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