1. mweglarz0's Avatar
    ok so stupid me takes my iphone 3G on my little jet boat today. A little water seeped into the one compartment and the phone got wet. At first the screen was black and you could see NOTHING but water INSIDE. now at least you could see the screen working but its SOOOOO dim that it's almost impossible to see what you're doing. Also, you can see water bubbles in the camera lens.

    So I got the iphone 3G in august of last year (so i've had it less than year) and bought that one protection plan that came with it at the apple store. i can't find the receipt or the papers for anything though..

    what's the deal? will they replace it for water damage? will i get a new phone? what should i tell them?

    07-13-2009 01:17 AM
  2. BradM73's Avatar
    The Apple Store should be able to look up your info with your phone number and should cover the phone if it includes accidental damage, which usually covers water damage. Just take it into the Apple Store. I got one on mine too, and the guy's printer was out of paper, and he told me that all of the info was stores on my phone account in case anything ever happened.

    Good luck!
    07-13-2009 01:42 AM
  3. fleury's Avatar
    we found an iphone that looked like it washed up on the beach. it was on the beach and when a wave came in it would sweep over the iphone. let it sit a couple days and presto! works fine. not saying they are water proof but this one works fine and 100%!
    07-13-2009 02:01 AM
  4. holland_patrick's Avatar
    wow slat water is know to kill things...
    07-13-2009 03:51 PM
  5. Tramain's Avatar
    Well you can check your apple warranty here
    And apple charges 199 for water damage and they will give you a new or refurbished iPhone.
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    07-13-2009 03:59 PM
  6. BradM73's Avatar
    Wow, lucky find!

    There are a bunch of videos on YouTube of iPhone 3G's and 3GS's working while submerged in water. Check em out!
    07-13-2009 03:59 PM