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  1. vanishingvision7's Avatar
    I love the iPhone but there are some other devices I would love to see it's operating system on because let's face it, some devices are equally compelling and just as sexy as the iPhone.

    I would personally love to see the iPhone OS on the Samsung OmniaHD and the upcoming HTC "G2".

    What about you guys?
    07-09-2009 09:59 AM
  2. Watcher's Avatar
    Even if the OS was on another phone I highly doubt it would be as smooth and as intuitive as it is on the iPhone. Remember: other phones may beat the iPhone with features but when it comes to ease of use and intuitive user interface, the iPhone is unmatched!

    It's basically like saying you wish the Mac OS could be put on a PC but you know Microsoft has been trying to do that since they came out! Not gonna happen any time soon... Witness the failed attempt that is Vista!
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    07-09-2009 10:16 AM
  3. Jellotime91's Avatar
    Well iPhone OS would never be on Omnia HD because it's not a capacitive screen and iPhone OS requires multi-touch. I would like to use it on my HTC Magic but even though it is capacitive I dont
    think it's actually capable of multi-touch... And if it is, I'm sure it can't detect as many fingers as the iPhone (iPhone can detect 4 fingers at once last I checked)..

    Meh. I guess iPhone OS on any other device would be lackluster!
    07-09-2009 12:20 PM