1. shanewa's Avatar
    To all, first time blog user..

    Can you increase the level of vibration, under'sounds'?
    Can you view the calendar by year.?
    Bluetooth is not pairing with any other device.?
    Can i sync with a pc using software other than itunes?

    Not sure if i am permitted to ask multiple questions per thread..

    07-08-2009 08:06 AM
  2. Brickman's Avatar
    WELCOME shanewa!!! Glad you are here!

    Ok, here it goes:

    1) Not that I am aware of. It is what it is.

    2) Not on the iPhone standard Calender. Only Day and Month. There are probably 3rd part Apps that have this though. check the App Store.

    3) What devices are your trying to pair? I pair my Jabra JX10II headset and my Macbook to my iPhone. Tell us which devices you are having probs with and maybe we can help.

    4) Short answer..No. Itunes is the only way to sync with ant computer.

    Hope this helps some.
    07-08-2009 08:16 AM