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  1. anon(1605018)'s Avatar
    So I just got my Iphone two days ago (I use to have a bb). Anyways my parents and girlfriend have the Iphone so I was just wondering a few things. First of all I can not recieve pushed email, for some reason in order to recieve my emails I have to actually click open my mail and then it says that I have new mail. Now I have 3 email adresses on my iphone and I was wondering if it makes a diffrence. I have push set to on and fetch set to manual, yet it seems as though my phone is overriding my push and is only updating it manually. (my parents/gf have the same settings but their emails are being pushed)
    Also another thing I noticed atleast once during the day and right now is that for some reason my phone searches when there is a signal and/or has "no service", now I know for a fact that there is service because 1/3 phones has full serivce (in my house which i know has full survice) yet the other two do not have any service (at the moment). Sometimes it has been showing service but the second I open it, it says searching and then no serivce(while my moms phone works perfectly).
    Can anyone help me out with these probelms, as it is I am having a hard time adjusting to such a horriable battery and small keyboard but no push email/signal is unbearable.

    *edit yeah I just realized it belongs in help, if someone could move it there plz ty*
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    Well, I'm not sure what the service issue might be. You might contact AT&T about picking up a new SIM card. Sometimes that will clear things up. Otherwise it might just be a defective phone or receiver. Not sure as there are so many things it could be. You might just be in a bad coverage area? If other phones are getting a signal, are they also iphones? If not, or if they use a service other than AT&T, you can't really compare signal strength.

    As far as push is concerned, I have mine set to push, and then Fetch to every 15 minutes. Remember that your e-mail provider has to support push e-mail in order for it to work. As I said, I have all my e-mail accounts set up for a 15 minute fetch too, but oddly, even before push came around, my Yahoo e-mail would ALWAYS push to my older 3G iPhone. As soon as I'd receive a new e-mail on my computer, I'd always heard a ding on my 3G iPhone about 5 seconds later, if not even sooner. My AOL and work e-mails usually just fetch, as neither are currently set up for push (at least not that I know of).

    Try setting your fetch to every 15 minutes. That's almost as good as push when you're in a pinch. Regardless, whenever you go into your e-mail, it always does a fresh update too.

    Hope this has helped!
    07-08-2009 03:51 AM
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    Or you can set up a GMail account using Exchange server. I've got one set up for my side of our business and it works great.
    07-08-2009 05:02 AM
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    Exchange, Yahoo, and MobileMe are the only three ways you can get push email to your iPhone. If your parents do not have any of these services they probably have their phones set to "Fetch" as described above. But to get Push you MUST have an account on one of those three services.
    07-08-2009 08:08 AM
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    Ps... Welcome!!!!:d:d
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  6. anon(1605018)'s Avatar
    Yeah the other two phone I was comparing my phone with are both iphones. Its weird because I tried everything last night resets, turing 3g on and off and even reseting network settings but it didnt work. The best I got it to do was show a full signal for less than a second and when I went to open it, it said searching...and then no signal. But now I got a full signal since I woke up, anyone think I should bother bringing my sim card to be switched/going to apple to see whats up with my reciever. Because when I was awake it did it wasnt working for about two hours. It also did that to me in class for about an hour, but eventually it got full service.

    Well my parents are both using AOL mail and thats pushing, yet mine isnt. Its going to be weird having a 15 min delay on my email from msn and my school since I was so use to it on my blackberry.
    07-08-2009 11:32 AM