1. Murphy5156's Avatar
    I have an iPhone 3G (16GB) running 3.0. I have a smart playlist that I have set to a maximum of 9GB of music so as to not completely fill my iPhone. When I look at the playlist in iTunes it shows as 9GB and about 1800 songs...but when I sync that playlist to the iPhone only a little more than 6GB and 1200 songs sync over. I've tried a restore....I've tried manual versus auto sync....nut can't get the entire playlist to sync over....anyone had a similar issue? Any ideas? Thanks!
    07-03-2009 09:02 PM
  2. Murphy5156's Avatar
    I found the problem, a bunch of the songs in the playlist had been moved to a different folder and thus iTunes "lost" them....once I showed iTunes where to find the files the playlist sync went fine.
    07-03-2009 10:13 PM