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    Need some help. I have been using my iphone email through exchange just fine over the past few months until our company migrated to a new network since our company was purchased last year and they are finally getting the computers straight. Well have the guys in my office are on iphones and several started getting dropped from the server. I was dropped 2 weeks ago and then was able to get it to connect a few days later. I know if 2 people that still have not been kicked off. We do have access to exchange email over the web but for some reason it will not setup now. I enter the email, username, and password and it then brings you to the next page where you enter the server. It then fails. NEED SOME HELP. You call IT support a few states away and you get the BS about how we only support Blackberry. I know there is a way on but most of us are giving up and about to have to go to Blackberrys. Thanks
    07-02-2009 10:14 PM