1. PocketAces21's Avatar
    Since it's been 2 years since the original iPhone came out, I'd like to hear from iPhone 2G owners about how much charge their batteries hold after 2 years of use. I've had my iPhone 3G for only about 6 months, but I'd like to know how the battery will fare for the next 18 months.

    So please let me know if there is a significant difference in battery life now compared to when you first got it, as well as how heavily you use your iPhone. Thanks!
    06-29-2009 02:39 PM
  2. touchyphone's Avatar
    I will assume, by this point mostly everyone is on 3G or 3GS.

    However I had my first gen. since launch day and just got the 3G in December 08. Until Dec 08 my battery was just as good as it always was. I dont think you have to worry, besides with new iPhone roll outs, you wont have your phone you have now in 18months to worry about battery life.
    06-29-2009 02:45 PM
  3. mth785's Avatar
    I'm still using the original iPhone and the battery seems to last as long as it ever did.
    06-29-2009 03:16 PM