1. NewEnergy's Avatar
    maybe a little bit overreacting, but really annoying, not more able to sync after 3.0 update, error ( I think it was 1019 or something else), and ipod is empty as well, allthough when sync is starting, the full amount of content in gb is shown in tunes, but after a few seconds sync is stopping.....apple still is very quiet about all this...
    06-24-2009 04:56 AM
  2. Qbread's Avatar
    I tried updating my iPhone to 3.0 . Everything synced except my music. My iPod is empty! I also get an error like 10139 or something when I try to re-sync. I tried reinstalling iTunes n I reset my iPhone. They did not change anything. It is frustrating!
    06-24-2009 08:27 AM