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    I travel a bit for my job; usually within a 100 mile radius. Regardless, even within a 20 mile radius this issue persists.

    I'll read my Gmail or Yahoo mail, delete it (including sent folder), purge the deleted items folder. However, the same emails reappear ... sometimes hours or even days later ... after entering a different area than I was when the emails were first deleted and purged.

    After speaking with AT&T, they confessed that their DNS servers often fail to synchronize with each other at all or in a timely manner.

    This revelation seemed to be the exact reason I was unable to browse to a specific website while in location A but not from location B (30 miles apart). AT&T had to manually force the location B DNS servers to sync. Additionally, AT&T stated that EACH TOWER has its own DNS server.

    If this is the case, many others should be experiencing similar issues.

    June 2009
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