1. alamgir314's Avatar
    About two days ago I upgraded my 2G iPhone to latest 3.0 Firmwire sucessfully, but in last two days I noticed that with 8 hours of battery charge, my battery lasts for only about 3-4 hours and that's without really using it. Yesterday and today around 1PM my battery died when I was at work. And also it gets too hot. I don't know what's going on, does anyone have any idea? Thank you.
    06-23-2009 02:45 PM
  2. inajib's Avatar
    Hey i have the same problem :S ! when i play need for speed , i get it if its getting hotter cuz its a big game on an iphone but..its been like over 3 hrs and its still too Hot..even when i wana make a call my ears feel the phone extremly hot..! MY concern is is that Bad for the 2G..cud this lead to something bigger than this problem :S shud i goo back to 2.2.1 b4 i loose the phone !!

    plz someone reply back..
    06-23-2009 03:41 PM
  3. bergman's Avatar
    I'm running a 2G with OS 3.0. I noticed some heat following the upgrade and jailbreaking, but not so much now. Battery life is similar to the previous OS. You might want to power down and turn back on.
    06-23-2009 05:21 PM
  4. alamgir314's Avatar
    I think I found the reason why my battery was drained. I followed this "Optimize Your Settings" and now my iphone's battery is not draining anymore or even getting hot. I think the main problem was with the location service since iphone 2g doesn't have gps in it, so I turned it off. And since then all is good. thank you all...

    06-24-2009 07:58 PM
  5. Matt74's Avatar
    shud i goo back to 2.2.1 b4 i loose the phone !!
    Unfortunately, that is not an option. When you upgraded to 3.0, you also upgraded your baseband with the newest version. The newest baseband version doesn't work with 2.2.1, and cannot be downgraded.
    06-24-2009 11:49 PM