1. iheartbangs's Avatar
    whats wrong with my 2g iphone?

    it wont charge with a wall charger
    it wont charge with a USB plug in
    but it charges in my car with a monster car charger..

    i brought it into the apple store and they couldnt fix it or replace it
    they tried cleaning it.. nothing

    it randomly pops up "this accessory does not work with iphone"
    when nothing or something is plugged in.. but its totally random..

    itunes wont detect it.. so i cant update the firmware or anything.. cant restore it either.. what can i do? any ideas? please help me =[
    06-22-2009 10:14 PM
  2. bruce.abbott's Avatar
    Sounds like the dock connector may be going out. You've tried different usb cables? It's odd that it charges in the car but not from USB on the computer unless perhaps the computer is not outputting any voltage because it's malfunctioning.
    06-22-2009 11:13 PM
  3. iheartbangs's Avatar
    yeah ive tried other computers and other usb cords..
    and its not my usb ports because they work fine with other ipods and iphones..

    any other ideas? im in serious need of help.. btw thanks for your reply
    06-23-2009 02:05 PM
  4. bruce.abbott's Avatar
    No problem. The only thing it can be is your iphone unfortunately. Have you tried to put it in recovery mode and restore it that way? Just turn the phone off and hold down the home and power buttons until it says "connect to itunes". Your phone may get stuck but if all else fails, give it a try. Looks like it may be time for a new iPhone :P
    06-23-2009 06:28 PM
  5. iheartbangs's Avatar
    i dont know if i could do that.. my mac wont detect it right now.. so what if i put it in recovery mode and my mac still wont detect it? i would have a brick =[

    i dont really have any other choices but save this current iphone.. i cant buy another one.. =[

    i wanted to win the iphone blogs win a 32 GB iphone giveaway because of this reason.. but i didnt win.. =[

    thanks for the help.. if you or anyone else has any other ideas please help me..
    06-24-2009 02:54 AM
  6. lordzod01's Avatar
    I had a similar problem and restore didn't work. On the other hand the guy in the apple shop just reset the phone under settings and the problem fixed itself. I was told my warranty was void due to water damage but this simple fix under settings worked. Wish I had tried that first, I did a restore four times. Just my kind of luck LOL
    06-24-2009 04:12 AM