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    I am a blackberry freak but have always wanted an iphone. i came across a deal i could not pass up on ebay for a 2g iphone (no 3g in my area) with the new OS 3.0. I have a few questions if i may..

    1. can you wipe and reinstall the OS like a blackberry? when i get the phone should i wipe it?

    2. where can i download the OS and the desktop software for the iphone?

    3. is there a website to walk me thru jail breaking the phone? (im on tmobile)

    4. how do you reset the phone to factory settings?

    5. where is a good place to Download Themes for the iphone since i ill be jail breaking it...

    6. does an iphone have to be activated at all?

    Thanks in advance, i cant wait to join the iphone world!

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    1. Yes, wipe to your heart's content.
    2. Apple - Download music and more with iTunes. Play it all on iPod.
    3. You, my friend, are on that website. Go to the jailbreaking forum.
    4. I'm thinking you do that when you wipe, I'm not clear on the difference. Wiser folks than I can probably get you the answer on that one.
    5. See the answer to 3.
    6. Yes, but jailbreaking/unlocking and activating are mutually exclusive, if I understand correctly. (An expert on jailbreaking/unlocking I am not.)

    And welcome!
    06-22-2009 05:28 AM
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    1) you don't need to wipe it when you get the phone. It will be wiped when you get it and also when you jailbreak it.
    2) apple.com and go to itunes tab. itunes is the only software app you will need to run and sync the iphone. You will also need an ssh piece of software once you jailbreak the phone in order to install skins.
    3) There are tons of websites like this one. RIght now 3.0 jailbreaking and even 3G S jailbreaking is still immature (early) so I would most likely wait.
    4) Reseting the phone to factory settings is done through itunes and all you have to do is hit the "restore" button on the iphone window area.
    5) I recommend MacThemes go to the forum there and scroll down a little and there is a forum for released themes. You can also use Cydia/Installer on the jailbroken iphone to download and install apps in a more itunes-app-store-esq way. It is easier to install from the iphone. You will need to download a app called Winterboard. If you go to the website it will have instructions on how to setup your phone for themes.
    6) the phone must be activated via itunes in order to jailbreak it but not sure about unlocking it. The only way you can (that I know of) flash the iphone is through the itunes software and the only way that the itunes software will recognize the iphone is if it is activated.
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    Great info guys!!! wow thanks alot

    since im buying this 2nd hand. will the phone already be actiavted??? gees, i hope that since i am not an att customer i can still activate it.. i read that there are a lot of people using it on tmobie that have jailbroken it and unlocked it...

    Hope i did not make a mistake..
    06-22-2009 06:18 AM
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    You'll have to unlock first and then you'll be able to use it on T-Mo. But as suggested, go to the jailbreak forums and read, read, read. Everything has been answered and laid out nicely.

    Welcome to the forums.
    06-22-2009 07:03 AM
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    i will deffinley read up on it..love this forum and cant WAIT to get it!
    06-22-2009 07:34 AM
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    I'm a new iPhone owner, the information here is useful. Thank you!
    06-22-2009 08:59 PM