1. MMXXII's Avatar
    I installed the new OS on Wednesday, and ever since, I've been having issues.

    First, I lost about 40 apps after I installed. Luckily I was able to redownload most of them (there were a couple that don't seem to be available anymore )

    Next, I randomly go from 4 or 5 bars, to "No Service" and stay that way for hours. (ATT response: "Did you restart your phone?" duhhh...)

    Next, my app icons are changing. I downloaded an app the other day, and this morning, the icon shows a dimmed variant of a different apps icon (The app itself still works).

    Lastly, my iPhone no longer seems to like to sync with outlook... it keeps asking me for my password to my PST... again and again... without actually syncing anything...

    Is anybody else having similar issues or am I all alone out here? Anybody have any solutions? Thanks!
    06-21-2009 03:52 PM