1. ctt1wbw's Avatar
    When did this happen? I just set up my hotmail on the iPhone Mail app. Sweet!
    06-19-2009 04:41 PM
  2. iphone_aggie's Avatar
    I don't see hotmail listed as one of the mail providers???
    06-19-2009 04:53 PM
  3. iphone_aggie's Avatar
    I decided to see if "other" could be used, and you're right, hotmail can be added. I had tried that on OS 2.0 and then you couldn't. Great find, ctt1wbw!
    06-19-2009 05:06 PM
  4. bmfan#IM's Avatar
    any mail account is supported, it doesn't have to be listed
    06-19-2009 05:07 PM
  5. iphone_aggie's Avatar
    Yeah, but before on OS 2.0 you had to have a popmail acct with hotmail (one you have to pay for).
    06-19-2009 05:08 PM
  6. MRidgeway's Avatar
    OMG!! Thank you so much for this!!! I would have never known!!!
    06-19-2009 05:44 PM
  7. ensorgumbs's Avatar
    I dont understand. I always had hotmail on my iphone mail app. Its just a pain that when you delete an email from the iphone it doesn't get removed from the server.
    06-19-2009 07:27 PM
  8. iphone_aggie's Avatar
    How long is "always." That was one of the first things I tried to do and I found out I had to have the paid hotmail acct to get it, so then I had to go to Yahoo Mail.
    06-19-2009 09:25 PM
  9. dieselboy28's Avatar
    Great find, nice to have hotmail there.
    06-19-2009 09:57 PM
  10. nickpav's Avatar
    hotmail has not always been supported. however it has been for a few months now. i dont know exactly when it started being supported, but it is now. it isnt FULL support, you wont see your folders or any fancy stuff like you can in yahoo or gmail, but you can recieve and send emails.
    06-19-2009 11:07 PM
  11. Scott R's Avatar
    So will deletes work?
    06-20-2009 10:49 AM
  12. Scott R's Avatar
    FWIW, the web interface is more iPhone optimized now.
    06-20-2009 10:51 AM
  13. iphone_aggie's Avatar
    So will deletes work?
    No. They will delete them off hotmail in iphone, but they won't show up if you go directly to hotmal.
    06-20-2009 10:55 AM
  14. ultrasn0w's Avatar
    thats really nice to have hotmail, Great find
    06-20-2009 10:59 AM
  15. GMJeff's Avatar
    I have had hotmail setup on my iPod touch with the 2.2.1 Firmware. It lists the email host server name as pop3.live.com. Everything pretty much stayed the same after the 3.0 upgrade.
    06-20-2009 01:41 PM
  16. ensorgumbs's Avatar
    Well I got my iPhone in feb I have had hotmail since then. Didn't know it wasn't originally supported. I just wish it showed all by folders etc
    06-20-2009 03:34 PM
  17. OmariJames's Avatar
    wasn't it always there?
    06-20-2009 03:51 PM