1. OmariJames's Avatar
    apple said that users would be able to stream audio and video seamlessly between Edge, 3G and Wifi. I'm happy for the streaming because I can listen to TiPb's podcasts. So I tried to listen to one while on wifi, assuming it would be much better, and I've ran into some problems.

    While listening, I decided to take advantage of being able to stream in the background. I exit safari and went into twitterfon and I noticed my signal went down from 3/3 to 2/3 then to 1/3 and the stream stopped. This was strange so I tested it again by just exiting safari and it happened again.

    Then I tried to begin the stream on 3G and later switch into wi-fi, and after exiting safari, the same thing happened.

    My wifi connection is always perfect 3/3. the base station is just 1 room away from my bedroom and a few steps away from my kitchen.

    feed://feeds.feedburner.com/PhoneDifferentPodcast Try this link on your iPhone if you have wi-fi in your home.
    06-18-2009 12:04 PM