1. bLampert's Avatar
    My friend just upgraded his iPhone to a newer one so I bought his old 3g one to use it like a iPod Touch. I already jailbroke it and was wondering if there was anyway I could still call out through WiFi. I tried the skype app but that still requires service. Is there any other app that does this? Thanks people!

    06-18-2009 10:53 AM
  2. Matt74's Avatar
    Should be able to use Skype via wifi
    06-18-2009 11:03 AM
  3. sting7k's Avatar
    None are free...
    06-18-2009 11:07 AM
  4. bLampert's Avatar
    I downloaded the free skype for iphone and when i make a call it says i need skype credits. Its local #'s im putting in.
    06-18-2009 11:09 AM
  5. sting7k's Avatar
    Yes, go to skype.com and sign up you can buy minutes to use; it's cheap. There aren't any free calling apps, you can call other skype users for free.
    06-18-2009 11:12 AM
  6. Matt74's Avatar
    Ahh, that's right. Skype to Skype is free... Skype to a phone number costs a small fee per month.
    06-18-2009 11:13 AM
  7. bLampert's Avatar
    So there no app at all that can call out wirelessly?
    06-18-2009 11:22 AM
  8. bmfan#IM's Avatar
    So there no app at all that can call out wirelessly?

    yes skype ! its only like 3 dollars per month for the credit
    06-18-2009 11:29 AM
  9. bLampert's Avatar
    I ment without paying (Through Installer or Cydia)
    06-18-2009 11:32 AM
  10. bmfan#IM's Avatar
    nothing in life is free
    06-18-2009 11:34 AM
  11. bLampert's Avatar
    06-18-2009 11:41 AM
  12. rgar3388's Avatar
    Ya there's no such thing as a free lunch, econ major here...but truphone has pretty cheap rates.
    06-18-2009 11:58 AM