1. Robnfl's Avatar
    AIM seems to be unuseable after updating to 3.0. The keyboard now covers the text area and you can't even scroll the screen up far enough to uncover the text area. I would have thought that a company like AOL would've tested this app with 3.0.

    06-18-2009 10:43 AM
  2. texags08's Avatar
    does it have Push now?
    06-18-2009 10:45 AM
  3. Jeremy's Avatar
    AIM has yet to update their app available to the public. I can say the new update works just fine with push on 3.0.
    06-18-2009 10:50 AM
  4. Robnfl's Avatar
    They really need to get it out on the street then! The app is totally useless now.

    Yeah, push would be really nice.

    06-18-2009 10:52 AM
  5. Jeremy's Avatar
    I'm honestly shocked to see not that many apps updated yet. I would have thought they would have had their apps ready.
    06-18-2009 10:54 AM
  6. JustinHorn's Avatar
    Yeah, the new beta AIM works great and has push, wonder why it's not out yet?
    06-18-2009 10:59 AM