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  1. ghostrider_dude's Avatar
    so i tried to update my iphone 1st gen to 3.0 and i guess it stopped half way or something went wrong cuz I can only make emergency calls!!!!!! im stuck dont know what to do
    06-18-2009 10:07 AM
  2. Matt74's Avatar
    Sounds like maybe your phone didn't activate properly. Just leave it connected to your PC via the USB cable... that might get it working.
    06-18-2009 10:44 AM
  3. ghostrider_dude's Avatar
    should i leave it connected with itunes on???
    06-18-2009 11:04 AM
  4. chobbs1's Avatar
    yes so the update can finish
    06-18-2009 11:30 AM
  5. ghostrider_dude's Avatar
    so ive done what youve said but the damn still doesnt work its been connected to the pc via usb with itunes on for a couple of hours!!!! nothing has changed
    06-18-2009 03:48 PM
  6. chobbs1's Avatar
    Did you restart the update?
    06-18-2009 04:02 PM
  7. cnarchet's Avatar
    You should try restoring your iPhone, allowing it to properly re-install the new OS
    06-18-2009 04:03 PM
  8. ghostrider_dude's Avatar
    the thing is that when its connected to itunes its tellin me to do the activating process again but i have been using it jb for a couple of months! not sure what to do now
    06-18-2009 04:12 PM
  9. ghostrider_dude's Avatar
    is there away to override the "emergency call" cuz i really need my phone getting a little frustrated its recognizing the phone as if it were new!!! but when i go to itunes edit>prefrences>devices i see my phone there under backups!
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    06-18-2009 05:15 PM
  10. chobbs1's Avatar
    you forgot to mention it was jailbroken. if you go to the jailbroken part of the forums those ladies and gents can help too! good luck. and relax, it will all work out.
    06-18-2009 05:58 PM
  11. ghostrider_dude's Avatar
    i will do that thnx
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    06-18-2009 06:11 PM
  12. zwienerdc's Avatar
    I would restore the iPhone with the new update to keep things simple.
    06-18-2009 06:17 PM
  13. ghostrider_dude's Avatar
    i mean i want to but its stuck on emergency calls only and when its connect it to itunes it only gives me the option to activate it
    06-18-2009 06:19 PM