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What's my iPhone worth?
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    It's dumb how people are slamming people for upgrading. If you have the money too or you can then why not, I'd say it's an even better upgrade from 3g to 3gs than from 1st generation to 3g. From 1st to 3g all that changed was 3g speed, gps, and new design, while from 3g to 3gs you get faster processor, more ram, more memory, video, voice recording, magnetometer, better camera. @Chobbs i'm with you man, I don't see why you're getting slammed. The man is going from a 1st generation to a 3gs, props on that, if anything that's enough justification to upgrade. It's hard to keep up with technology so it's really personal preference on whether to upgrade or not, someone will always have something bigger and better. And right now that bigger and better is the 3GS (I'm talking to all those palm, blackberry, symbian, and windows users as well D)! What makes everyone think the 2010 iPhone will be better anyways. Apple might surprise you once again with an iPhone 3.753GSASDFDS
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    His message was not even in as bad taste as the person he was replying to *rolls eyes*..
    I'm sorry, you must have confused me with someone who cares.

    Bottom line, the only reason the OP started this thread was to dump on everyone who was upgrading. *rolls eyes twice*.

    I'm out, this is a non-productive troll thread.
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    Iphone 3gs - mediocre upgrade
    Remind me what the upgrade was from the V1 to the 3G...wasn't it 3G and GPS?

    This seems at least as large an upgrade as there was from V1 to 3G. Was it as much as most of us had hoped for? Hell No! We all wanted it to be light years ahead of the competition, but instead it's just way ahead of the competition.

    You've already mentioned the speed, the video and the compass.

    What about the increased storage? When I receive my 3G S tomorrow I will have 4X the storage, that was a pretty big upgrade for me, wouldn't have been quite as big a deal if I had bought the 16Gig 3G, but I didn't. Voice control...not a big deal for me, it will be cool to show off maybe, but nothing I would realy use...but for some, it is a huge deal. The camera is greatly improved with autofocus and tap to focus and "macro". Being able to focus at 10CM will make an app I purchased a while ago, finally be worth the money I spent on it. Video editing on the fly, as well as uploading to mobileme or youtube...important to some. The new Accessibility options are a big deal to some. I think I'll wait and see about the battery, the review showed them to be about the same, but if it does show an improvement...that will be welcomed as well.

    I'll grant you, 3G and GPS were both VERY large items for the V1 - 3G upgrade, but I think the 3G S is equally (if not a bit greater) an upgrade over the 3G. If it's not for you, so be it, but I for one think it's a worthy upgrade.
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    I think I will probably wait for next years upgrade. O2 only let you upgrade to a 24 month contract on this one which will have me waiting when next years iPhone XS or whatever comes out! The upgrade is good. But not great, it could be so much better.
    06-19-2009 07:14 AM
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    Going from a 2G to 3G is a much bigger upgrade than 3G to 3G S. For those whom have "upgraded" I hope your expectations are met.
    I for one will wait and eventually get a 3G S based on level headed reviews not fanboy reviews (meaning Apple could do no wrong).
    I know one thing the 3G S is no where near worth having to sign another contract with sorry a$$ AT&T and their delayed 7.2, MMS and on and on and on and on.
    I will wait and purchase the 3G S outright or sign a contract with whomever when the real iPhone upgrade summer 2010 comes out. iChat, HD OLED, unibody case etc, not some pseudo placebo fanboy effect wannabe upgrade like this years.
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    TiPB administrators,

    Do you have a policy regarding banning of annoying trolls like infenit101? If not, could you create one? I have given up on reading comments on engadget because the discussion devolve into fanboyism and name calling. I have found TiPB forums and comments to be quite informative in the past, but lately the haters have diluted the useful comments greatly with uninformed rants. Thanks.
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    Are they uninformed because you don't agree with them or some other reason?
    06-19-2009 01:04 PM
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