1. LVCIFER's Avatar
    I know that I'm probably becoming a pain in everyone's ***, but not one erson has answered any of my posts.

    1) I upgraded wife's 3G to 3.0 perfectly fine. From 2.2.1.
    2) CANNOT upgrade my 3G to 3.0, FROM 3.0Beta5. I keep clicking the "Restore" button, as was suggested here, and it gives me an error about the resources not being there. HOWEVER, I already downloaded the update for my wife's 3G.
    3) i WOULD install the 3.0 Beta Gold Master, but I heard somewhere that the betas EXPIRE, so I dont want to do that if I'll still be stuck sometime soon in the same position, once the GM expires.

    ANY HELP would be appreciated, seriously.
    06-17-2009 08:36 PM
  2. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Ok, seriously -

    The beta expires in a few days, and if that happens, my phone will be locked in the beta testing phase.

    I know this was all at my own risk, but seriously, all I'm asking is for a little help here. I'm extremely computer literate, I just have no idea what to do IN THIS situation.

    So please, help me.
    06-17-2009 08:56 PM
  3. macnkat's Avatar
    Are you using the same iTunes program to do both phones?
    06-17-2009 09:01 PM
  4. LVCIFER's Avatar
    Yes, I am. I updated iTunes as of yesterday, so theres no reason I should still be getting these errors, to my knowledge at least.

    As I said, I was contemplating just using the 3.0 Gold Master, but not if a) it expires in a few weeks, or b) it will cause problems when the inevitable 3.0.1 release is pushed, etc, etc.
    06-17-2009 09:15 PM