1. IamGov#IM's Avatar
    Ok a few things noticed because of ATT not allowing MMS. Before when tapping the send key the keyboard would appear in SMS and allow for input. Now (with ATT updated phone) you have to tap on open area. I am assuming this because when ATT allows MMS then hitting the send key will initiate a menu allowing you to choose which MMS you want (file, pic, video...3Gs).

    So quick question. When ATT enables MMS will we have to download OS again? I am a little concerned with the fact that we cannot even see any MMS references at this point. Is is really possible for ATT to limit the new OS this much? I thought that the OS would remain the same, just that when you went to send an MMS it would say network not available.
    06-17-2009 09:10 PM
  2. OmariJames's Avatar
    I'm sure there will be a 3.0.1 release come MMS
    06-17-2009 09:17 PM
  3. shutter's Avatar
    No, just a carrier file will need to be updated, will take a few seconds and will not effect the version number of the firmware.
    06-17-2009 09:38 PM