1. Noonan's Avatar
    Hey Guys
    I made a post a few days ago to see about using an upgrade from a different line on my plan, to upgrade my line to a 3GS. After talking with some members here and also someone at AT&T, I can do it.

    I preordered a white 16gig last night. Now all I have to do is wait for it to arrive, and call AT&T and have it activated on my line, and have the iPhone Data Plan removed from the other line.

    My question- will I just be taking the sim out of my Blackberry Curve 8310 and putting it into the 3GS? Will the 3GS come with a new sim card that can be activated to my number or will I need to go to AT&T and get a sim card?

    06-16-2009 08:25 PM
  2. Tramain's Avatar
    It should come with a sim that can be used with your phone number.
    06-16-2009 08:28 PM