1. joel's Avatar
    will it happen?
    06-11-2009 01:20 PM
  2. cobra302's Avatar
    not with the new 3.0. i think you still have to jailbreak to get that to happen.
    06-11-2009 01:36 PM
  3. iphonemilk's Avatar
    Either jailbreak a 3G or buy the new one . Also the video on the jailbroken 3G is NOT that good... I don't even use it bc it's not good quality
    06-11-2009 02:38 PM
  4. joel's Avatar
    not great but it works. i've seen it on my buddies.
    06-11-2009 02:39 PM
  5. Tramain's Avatar
    Yes it is not good video on a jailbroken iPhone and also cydia charges you for sucky quality.
    06-11-2009 04:01 PM
  6. JustinHorn's Avatar
    I've seen video on a JB phone and it is garbage. Although I hesitate to say this for fear of being called a fanboy, but I can actually agree with Apple on holding out on video.

    They will most likely use H.264 to compress the video which uses a lot of CPU power and just the recording itself is it a lot more CPU intensive vs a still shot.
    06-11-2009 04:28 PM