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    Internet Tethering - iPhone

    14 quid per month

    (got that for 9 on business)

    Cheaper than a T mobile hotspot subscription (last I checked)

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    OK I am getting some very slow speeds.

    Its absolutely FINE for general web browsing & emailing and thats all I personally need tethering for but unless I have something wrong the speed is very slow..

    I suppose that is the bluetooth?

    Would it be faster if I connected the cable?

    Or is it bluetooth only?

    Also when connected via tethering - shows my ISP as being o2 Germany..? Whats up with that? Is that secure?

    See attached speed test results..

    Are they normal for iPhone 3GS tethering?

    BTW this was posted via a tethered laptop!

    Apologies in advance Americans! I know AT&T haven't given it to you yet. I am not trying to torture you! Just looking for answers..
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    Aneee wun out there?
    07-13-2009 07:13 PM
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    Jailbreak the phone ad use pda net that costs me zilch per month
    07-15-2009 04:46 AM
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    I learned some stuff.

    I assumed that any wifi connection would be passed on to the phone. So I thought tethering could only be used in a location with wifi (like Starbucks etc) this was totally wrong.

    Tethering is only the networks connection. So EDGE or 3G.

    OK now I have estabished that I am free to work with my laptop anywhere. So that's good news.

    So far I have got the Bluetooth connected tethering but I haven't figured out how to get the USB cable tethering going. I think I deleted it not knowing what it was when I was setting it up.

    So that's my next project. I understand the USB hook up is a little faster and that would be good as the Bluetooth G3 was teeth grindingly slow for some things like PayPal
    page loading.

    It's a shame you can't blaze away if you are in a free iPhone wifi hotspot. That free feature attacted me to the phone and I just assumed it would relate to tethering.

    Hopefully the USB hook up will cheer up the situation, I just need complex web pages to load up faster and I will be happy.
    07-16-2009 03:12 AM
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    Also the network only aspect of tethering would explain why I was shocked at the slow speed when I first set it up - because that was at home where I only get a GPRS reception, not even EDGE - and never 3G.

    Dang! I should have done another speed test yesterday when tethering in a 3G area...

    I will do that soon and post the results..

    I will also try to test USB tethering vs Bluetooth tethering results..

    BY THE WAY...

    Is anyone else pizzed off at how slow Safari 4 is? (on a Mac) Man! I reset Safari - clear the cache etc but still its moves like a snail compared to Firefox.. bummer... I am sure that isn't helping my tethering.. I forgot to try using Firefox - perhaps Firefox + iPhone tethering is the better combo... I was trying to move all my browser activities over to Safari for better integration with my new iPhone but perhaps I need to re think that strategy..)
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    OK I finally got USB cable tethering going.. (took a few hours of futzing around + following instruction on this page iPhone: Troubleshooting Internet tethering)

    Some 3G results..

    This post was made via USB tethering in the UK

    The one on the right is more like it!

    The first one on the left was EDGE I think..

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    OK I am in a cafe using the USB cable - for about an hour the signal seemed to be EDGE only and annoyingly slow to work with..

    Then I got kicked off

    Then it came back as G3

    And I think I am back to EDGE again!

    07-17-2009 05:14 AM
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    its workable though..

    This is a well known G3 reception problem area...
    07-17-2009 05:32 AM