1. Thndrct619's Avatar
    I am using the original headset that came with my phone. Now just recently the left ear piece stopped working and now when I try and listen to my voicemail niether earpiece will play. I have tested other headphones and I know it's not the phone, but does anyone know if I contact apple about the headphones if they will replace them? Thanks for the help.
    06-10-2009 12:09 PM
  2. anjru0805's Avatar
    something similar happened to me a few months ago (it was the right earbud). They replaced them, no questions asked. The store was busy at the time so maybe my headphones weren't a high priority, but they didn't test them, ask if I dropped them in water, nothing like that. Hopefully they'll have the same policy with you. Good luck
    06-10-2009 12:56 PM
  3. Thndrct619's Avatar
    Thanks, looks like I am going to take a trip up to the Apple Store this weekend!
    06-10-2009 02:09 PM