1. OmariJames's Avatar
    Do you find it easier to have a seperate contacts appplication , when you access your contacts through the Phone app ?
    06-02-2009 04:48 PM
  2. jamesus's Avatar
    Personally, I use QuickGold (jailbreak app) for interacting with my contacts. When adding contacts, I use QuickGold to pull up the Contacts app as I have the icon hidden.
    06-02-2009 05:06 PM
  3. WRXie's Avatar
    I never use the Contacts app. I would prefer it if I could delete it as well as the Stocks app.
    06-02-2009 08:06 PM
  4. Microcosmos's Avatar
    I find that it makes no sense and we should have the option to remove it.
    06-02-2009 09:00 PM
  5. chobbs1's Avatar
    I agree with being able to delete the stocks app. as far as contacts...meh, it is useful for me as a shortcut when I need to edit some random contact.
    06-02-2009 09:35 PM