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    Hello guys, i am new here and i would like to ask you a question about my problem...

    so... a couple of days ago i downloaded supreme preferences and a few hours later i updated sbsettings to 2.99. From then, when i press the power button once (just to lock my ipod touch) springboard crashes and resprings into safe mode (when running in safe mode it can lock without any problems). I checked both my settings at the supreme preferences tab and sbsettings preferences application, and i did not find anything that it could cause that. I also have memtool, so i checked the running processes when running into safe and normal mode, but the only difference was that sbsettings wasn't running in safe mode... what i should do to fix that? do you have the same problem with me? if yes how did you fix it? i would appreciate any help

    Information: iPod touch 1g 16gb jailbroken with quickpwn. Have winterboard app, categories, sbsettings 2.99, supreme preferences. Cannot remove winterboard and sbsettings (themes for both apps installed). Tried rebooting, respringing, disabling all winterboard themes and removing supreme preferences. I do not want to restore my ipod

    Thank you
    06-02-2009 08:57 AM
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    i read @ another forum that i should delete sbsettings and unfortunately i did. so now if i do a soft respring it runs ok into normal mode, but after 5 seconds it resprings by itself and runs in safe mode...
    06-03-2009 12:58 AM