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    Hi I upgraded to the 3G pretty recently but haven't thrown out my 2G because I heard they were worth some money being easier to hack.

    Only, there are a couple of problems. There is a bar on the screen (it's horizontal and perfectly the size and spot of the start and reset buttons on the stop watch) which can not tell if you touch it. It still displays picture fine though. Also the volume control and home button malfunction slightly from time to time.

    I will probably sell it somewhere else (as in, I'm just paranoid someone will tell me it's worth less it is and tries to buy it for that much), but don't know how much it's worth (you could just deal with the bar or maybe fix it somehow?) if it's even worth anything at all. Is it?


    Oh yeah I'm new here & wasn't sure if this should go here or the marketplace but it looked like the marketplace was only for when you're actually ready to buy or sell. If this is the wrong forum just let me know.
    05-31-2009 11:23 PM