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  • Matte

    69 84.15%
  • Shine

    13 15.85%
  1. Duvi's Avatar
    I only like the idea of matte on the black iPhone. They wouldn't do that to the white one would they? Like many others have mentioned, I like the white one how it is because it doesn't show any fingerprints. It's funny, when I first saw the two pictures of the black and white when they were announced, I though the white one was hideous. Then it slowly became "ok" to me the more I looked at it. When I stepped into line, I was planning to get a black one, but then an employee came out and let us all breifly check out a black one she was holding. I saw all the fingerprints and instantly changed my mind for the white one.
    That is what made me choose the white at first. I was tossing up between white and black and then the guy in the store said that the black has fingerprints and when I went to check them out (displays), everyone was filled with greasy fingerprints (5 total, 3 in one spot and 2 in another). I was only the 13th person online, lol.
    05-30-2009 02:18 PM
  2. icebike's Avatar
    Shine for me.
    Slips into the case easier.
    05-30-2009 03:06 PM
  3. Jdub's Avatar
    I like the look of the Shiny casing better but I feel Matte is on the horizon. Hopefully if it is true it is going to "Gorgeous" as we all know SJ would not allow anything less.

    05-30-2009 04:26 PM
  4. applediscordia's Avatar
    Matte less scratches, better grip, better finish, less figure prints. Basicly what everyone has already said :P
    05-30-2009 07:40 PM
  5. Microcosmos's Avatar
    I'm not too worried about fingerprints or scratches, but dropping the phone is a big no-no & I use a pouch so no protective case for me; matte for grip.
    05-30-2009 11:36 PM
  6. nixproto's Avatar
    matte. as long as we have colors to choose from. but it'll help hide scratches etc. so i hope they go with it.
    05-31-2009 08:33 AM
  7. iDutch's Avatar
    I want to be able to use my iphone without a case, so matte for me.
    Also i don't knw if it's beacause of the material, but the current onw attracts so many fuzz on the back.
    05-31-2009 08:39 AM
  8. jhamilton3's Avatar
    If it is matte it better be easy to get in and out of a pocket .. Also it can't be a lint catcher
    05-31-2009 02:48 PM
  9. Brickman's Avatar
    Seeing as how I have the black Sedio Incase already on mine, I naturally voted for Matte.
    05-31-2009 03:29 PM
  10. robbiebisme's Avatar
    i like the new one better it seems like it wont get as many little scratches and smudges as the 3g one
    05-31-2009 04:33 PM
  11. OmariJames's Avatar
    The matte looks tons sexier.
    05-31-2009 04:41 PM
  12. Frankless24's Avatar
    i think it depends on what the matte feels like if it feels like a chalk board and if i scratch a finger over it and that is what it feels like that alone would turn me off from even buying it...
    05-31-2009 05:31 PM
  13. Jellotime91's Avatar
    I picked Matte because I want them to make a Matte silver backing to imitate the original aluminum backing which was beautiful.

    Matte is also good because the shiny plastic gets hairline cracks and actually deteriorates eventually.

    I kinda just REALLY hope the new iPhone fits in the iPhone 3G's dock and fits the same cases and peripherals.
    05-31-2009 06:12 PM
  14. chobbs1's Avatar
    definitely Matte! I agree with Jellotime91. the original IPhone with the aluminum casing is the ultimate for me. but if we aren't going to get the aluminum back, I would hope for some type of plastic that at least feels substantial. there is a company called knight creations that does some interesting things for the case. they're a bit expensive. but I am considering it if they will offer something for the new phone.
    06-01-2009 01:03 AM
  15. PhxBlue's Avatar
    Matte because I prefer a naked phone and it would help to be grippier
    06-01-2009 03:54 AM
  16. sirius2008's Avatar
    I like the shine on the iPhone 3G. It definitely looks sharper. The thing that worries me about the matte, is that it tends to look greasy after a while. How would Apple prevent this from happening? If they can't prevent this from happening, I would much rather have the shine, and just keep it in a case.
    06-01-2009 03:55 AM
  17. SuperTrouper's Avatar
    I've nothing against the shiny black on the 3G.

    I trust Apple's design team though that whatever they'll do, it will look good.
    06-01-2009 04:11 AM
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